Medfocus is the medical equipment company

Medfocus is the medical equipment company which specializes in Radiology, Surgery; including General surgery, Colorectal surgery, Neurological surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Oncological surgery, Vascular surgery, and especially Urological surgery.

We professionally

provide the medical equipment with the proficient services to university hospitals, government hospitals, research centers, medical colleges, and private clinics all over Thailand. Moreover, we have started to expand our business to neighboring countries; such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc.

Our works

start from working with each of our customers to ensure that customers understand the device clearly, andmake sure that customers get the right device at first hand.

We, then, complete the installation, provide training for its proper use, monitor the device throughout its expected life-cycle and provide theon-site servicing as and when required. Everything we do focuses on ensuring that medical professionals always have the right device to be able to perform their job to the best of their ability.

Our business partners are global companies,

providing a wide range of proven quality medical devicesand reliable services to medical professionals.


We believe that “The best medical technology brings the healthiest life to human being”. Thus, we will never stop seeking the best medical technology to serve all hospitals in our responsible market territory.

We are committed to the industry to do the business with

“Ethicality, Integrity, Professionality, and Responsibility”